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Problems in the Ring - there is no perfect cast. Someone always ruins it.

I've seen quite a few Rings. All I ask for is a great Wotan, Brünnhilde, Siegfried, Siegmund, Sieglinde and Hagen. About directions: as long as there is a sword and a spear, I'm okay with almost anything. I kinda prefer well-built, detailed modern/semi-modern versions to winged-helmet-traditional.

Chéreau: great direction, great Wotan (McIntyre), Brünnhilde (Jones), Sieglinde (Altmeyer), Siegmund (Hoffmann). Terrible Siegfried. Mediocre, gray Hagen. Best Mime (Zednik).

Copenhagen Ring: great direction, great Rheingold-Wotan (Reuter), mediocre Walküre/Siegfried Wotan (Johnson), great Brünnhilde (Theorin), mediocre Siegmund/Siegfried (Stig Andersen), vocally weak but acting-wise terrific Hagen (Peter Klaveness). Also, the best Loge I've seen (Michael Kristensen), and I have only seen awesome Loges.

London 2005 Ring: okay direction, with some great ideas and some duller moments, a good Wotan on his way to become great (Terfel) and a legendary one who still eats the former for breakfast (Tomlinson), a great Brünnhilde (Gasteen), a terrible Siegfried (Treleaven), a great Sieglinde (Westbroeck), and I don't remember who was Siegmund and can't find the cast or any Youtube videos... Hagen? He's Tomlinson. <3 FEEL THE MANPAIN!

Met Ring: unflattering costumes (they look like random medieval rags!), great Wotan (Morris), terrible Brünnhilde (Behrens), ridiculous Wälsung pairing (seriously? If you cast Sieglinde as black, at least find her a black TWIN BROTHER, idiots), quite good Siegfried (Jerusalem), BEST HAGEN EVER (Salminen). Seriously, watch it for Wotan and Hagen...

MüPa (Palace of Arts) Ring, 2008 Budapest: performed in 4 days, it had multiple singers for the bigger parts. Rheingold/Siegfried Wotan (Titus): great and classy. Walküre Wotan (Uusitalo): on his way becoming a great one. Walküre/Götter Brünnhilde (Bullock): boring, Sieglinde and Siegfried!Brünnhilde (Herlitzius): blew me away, especially in Siegfried. That long duet? Never been more exciting and wonderful. Young Siegfried and Loge (Christian Franz) magical. Götter!Siegfried (Andersen) terrible. Hagen? MATTI MOTHER FUCKING SALMINEN, BITCHES. HE OWNS HAGEN. When he sang the Call of the Vassals, I forgot to breathe.

So, I say the Siegfried problem is the worst. The only one who left me satisfied was Christian Franz.


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