alcanis_ivennil (alcanis_ivennil) wrote,

Looking for Dragon Age RP

Preferably on Tumblr since I have RP blogs for Anders, Samson and Cullen. Or in email.

I'm only looking for canon characters and Wardens/Hawkes/Inquisitors.


- decent grammar
- no godmodding
- angst and tragedy galore because I'm evil (a little fluff here and there is fine)
- posting a little more often than George R. R. Martin releases a book
- no contemporary or high school AUs. I'm fine with different-era AUs but I draw the line around 1950.
- no mpreg
- sex scenes WILL fade to black
- no OCs

I'm especially looking to play:

- Cullen/Samson (I can play either)
- Anders/Hawke (male Hawke vastly preferred, I can only play Anders here)
- Anders/Justice (in an AU where they get separated and Justice somehow gets his own body - I prefer to play Justice here since I have experience with him)
- Cullen/Sebastian (because oh Maker, all that Chantry boy guilt and forbidden love)
- Anders and Sebastian because their dynamic is very interesting and it could go in several directions. Can be friends, enemies or even shippy if it's an AU.
- Anders and Samson back in Kirkwall, helping each other and developing a friendship
- Cullen/male inquisitors or Cullen/Qunari or Dwarf inquisitors because fuck Bioware
- Cullen/Alistair because king/knight romance sounds very sweet

Absolute NOTPs, don't even:

- Anders/any templar
- Anders/Fenris
- Samson/any woman
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